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Educational Partners

ARISE (Actions for Raising Instruction for Student Excellence) Experience
RESTORE (Respiration Energize Stretch Tune Organize Restoration Enlighten) Curriculum
AURA (Analysis for Universal Rigor Assay) Experience
UBORA Journey

Learner-Focused, Data-Driven, Equity-Anchored

Examples of Impact

LACE High School (Urban Mid-western Region)

The Problem of Practice: Achievement data indicated a pre-COVID gradual decline that sharply decreased as a result of COVID-19 learning loss.  Students were becoming disconnected and disengaged, severely absent from class. 

Program Goals:
90% of enrolled summers school scholars will recover key mastery skills
90% of students will re-engage with the staff and community
50% of students will develop new social-emotional skills (i.e., movement/relaxation skills,
deep breathing practices, and SEL coping strategies)

Their Results (Make visual-percentage wheel below):

79% of students recovered key mastery skills
94% of students attended in-person summer courses 
79% of students described feeling re-engaged with staff
62% of students described learning new social-emotional skills


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