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About Us

My personal mission is to build capacity and to improve lives,

I envisioned a company that would do the same.

-Kara Nicole Dunn, CEO and Founder



ApogeeVision, formerly known as KND Consulting, was established in 2004 to advise learning organizations to increase their capacity and improve their outcomes. Change is always difficult, but the reality is that all organizations require it. Guided by the principle, "To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly (Henri Bergson), the ApogeeVision team aims to help organizations by developing their staff and programs, strategically planning, and effectively implement solutions to position themselves for greater impact.

Our team is also guided by our collective "why" and are determined to make an impact in the areas of research, education, government, corporate development. Our team's "WHY" is three-fold: (1) to improve the health, wellness, and impact of communities, (2) to create equitable and just change in society, and (3) to provide an additional perspective to problem-solving and development initiatives.


Our values help guide our work and ensure our integrity:

  • We value the power of the human collective community. The gifts of many become the success of the team. The most difficult solutions are found when the best parts of the team emerge and complement each other.


  • We value that all people are continual and life-long learners. Learning is not an isolated activity, but a perpetual process of differentiating schemas and integrating experiences.


  • We value high professional standards and excellent work. We believe in offering the best of ourselves in a professional, practical, and relevant manner. Each client will find that his/her ApogeeVision representative demonstrates: high professional standards, a sound knowledge base, creative capability to find solutions to real-world problems and needs.


  • We value flexibility and relevant action. Growth is dependent upon the flexibility and responsiveness of an organization or an individual. We believe that change is inevitable.


  • We value our planet and its natural resources. We make every effort to be environmentally responsible, using technology to reduce waste, taking precautions to care for our environment, and protect our earth’s resources. We seek options for streamlining processes to avoid wastes of resources, time, efforts and money.

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